Project Description


A rechargeable IoT badge with an ePaper display and WiFi connectivity

Size and Weight

Compact Design 3.9cm x 9.6cm (~ 1.5″ x 3.8″)
Lightweight 29g (~ 1.0oz)


2.9″ 296×128 E-Ink Display


Wifi Module

Built-in USB-Serial Adapter

Power and Battery

Compatible with Rechargeable Coin Cell Battery (LIR2450)
or Standard LiPo w/ JST-PH header breakout

Deep Sleep ~35 days
Light use ~21 hours
Heavy use ~5 hours
w/ 1000mah battery ~1 year

ADC to measure battery voltage (optional voltage divider jumper pad)

Button and Connector

5-way Tactile Switch for User Input
USB Charging + Indicator LED
Rest Button
Pinholes for
Support for more E-Paper screens (optional jumper)

Ideal For

Badge / Name Tag

Weather Forecast

News Feed & Notifications

Game Scoreboard

Smart Home Dashboard / Remote

Spotify Remote

WiFi Deauther

Anything that you can do with an e-ink display + WiFi

Software Features

Software Features

Arduino Compatible

MicroPython Compatible

Toggle WiFi On/Off, Deep Sleep Modes

Over-The-Air updates


Visit for instructions, latest firmware, and additional documentation.